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Wander the streets and explore the blue waters of Parga

"Riviera of Epirus", "the Caribbean of Greece" are only some of the names used to describe Parga, this small seaside town in Northwestern Greece. Amphitheatrically built on the slopes of Mount Pezovolos, at 139 metres above sea level, and descending towards the Ionian Sea, Parga is today one of the area's most popular summer destinations. Its trademark beaches and bays, offer a unique experience to each visitor. More specifically, within the town itself, Kryoneri Beach faces the Isle of the Virgin Mary, with its churches and medieval Venetian and French fortifications. This is an organized beach with breathtaking views of Parga's castle, as well as the neighborhood adjacent to it, known as Tourkopazaro.

Piso Kryoneri Beach is still within the town, but it is smaller and rocky; Valtos is, of course, a popular and well organized beach, located just behind the castle. Lichnos Beach is located 3km from the centre of Parga, having both sandy and rocky parts, and hosts two caves. At 6km east of Parga, next to the Kalodiki wetlands, one finds Ai Giannakis Beach, while, on the opposite direction, Sarakiniko Beach is close to the village of Agia. Agios Sostis, Spartila and Pogonia are a few more of the many beaches worth visiting - keeping in mind that some of these are only accessible by boat.
Sightseeing in Parga 

The Venetian Castle: In the past, this fortress was not only the town's defence from outside threats, but also where most of the population lived. Today, it decorates modern Parga from above, and it is open to visitors daily. The central area inside the castle is home to a café and a photography exhibition, while theatre productions and shows also take place during the summer. The wandering alleys: Take the time to explore the small backstreets found all over Parga, which give the impression of being on an Ionian island. The caves at Lichnos: The caves are worth visiting, not only because of their natural beauty, but also because, according to a local legend, having a swim in their waters keeps you young! The many churches and chapels: Parga is home to a large number of churches. On the western part of the town, just after Valtos Beach, the ruins of Vlachernes Monastery, an imposing Byzantine structure, still retains its tall belfry. It is said that the sound from the 9 bells could be heard 12 miles away. Other churches worth mentioning include: Saint Nicholas' Church, the town's main church, Saint Helen's Church, on the hill overlooking Piso Kryoneri Beach, Saint Athanasios' Church in Kryoneri, the Church of the Holy Saviour at Agios Sostis Beach, Saint Marina's Church, the Church of the Virgin Mary on the isle, Saint Nicholas'Church in Chaliopoulo, the Church of the Twelve Apostles and Saint Spyridon's Church at Valtos. The underwater spring at Ai Giannakis: The bizzare natural phenomenon is found under the sea at Ai Giannakis Beach, where fresh water springs out from seafloor and can even be seen from afar.

Wander the streets and explore the blue waters of Parga Reviewed by ΠΑΤΑΤΟΥΚΟΣ ΠΑΡΓΑ on Κυριακή, Σεπτεμβρίου 16, 2018 Rating: 5 "Riviera of Epirus", "the Caribbean of Greece" are only some of the names used to describe Parga, this small seasid...



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